About Us

We are a family farm practicing holistic, regenerative agriculture for the benefit of our community, our animals, and our planet. Regenerative agriculture means that everything we do as a farm seeks to work in harmony with nature. We strive to be good stewards of the land.

Our Practices

Our cows graze year round on both green and dry pastures. We do not use any pesticides or herbicides on our property to ensure our animals can safely graze on pure grass the way Mother Nature made it. When grass is less abundant we augment their diet exclusively with certified organic grain, alfalfa and hay.

In the evening, when we bring the cows in from the hills for milking, we feed them a few pounds of organic local grain along with minerals including Redmond sea salt, organic Icelandic kelp, and humates from an ancient sea bed in New Mexico.

Three Sisters beef cows are turned out to pasture for six months prior to harvest to finish off their weight on green grass. We only harvest in the late spring after the grass starts to dry up which increases the quantity of the rich yellow fat in our cuts of beef.  We own Jerseys who are renowned for their rich dark meat and fat as well as their rich milk.  

We exclusively use CCOF organic and non-GMO feed and grain from local sources so we know exactly who’s growing it and where it’s coming from. We insist on transparency in our supply chain and we want to make sure we support other farmers who follow regenerative practices.

Our sausages are made in small batches by a Bay Area butcher using non-GMO herbs and spices from Azure Standard.

All of our packaging is BPA free.

Our egg come from happy hens, ducks and turkeys that are pasture-based and free to graze on bugs all season long and with CCOF organic feed.

We believe in humane and compassionate treatment of our animals. We keep our calves with their moms to nurse exclusively for the first six months and we’ve discovered that this practice improves the health of the calves as well as their mothers.

Why Three Sisters?
We chose Three Sisters for our own “three sisters” – our three daughters – and also because our farm is nestled in the shadow of the Three Sisters Mountain in Williams, CA. Three Sisters Mountain is a lookout point in Colusa county.